A very wise man wrote that “To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven” . The season I am in now is one when my physical challenges are making it much more difficult for me to do all the basic activities of life, and the bookstore I have enjoyed so much is now causing me pain. That coincides with the need of our property owner to make a different use of the space we occupy. So, the season for me now, and for you, loyal customers, is one of significant change. I am going to be advertising the business as “Bookstore to go”, hoping for someone(s?) to take it completely, and continue to offer the services which have made this store a part of this community for 38 years. If anyone is interested, the amount of money I would receive for it is much less important to me than the desire for the store to continue in our area so that we still have a used bookstore to supply our reading needs at prices we can afford.

The plan now is to close the store at the end of December.

If you call, email, or come in, I will be glad to discuss this major change in our lives, but please do not ask me about the physical challenges which have made this necessary for me at this time. I have learned that focusing on my physical pain makes it my focus, and that increases the level and intensity, so I do not allow it to spend much of these beautiful days of Autumn in my company.

Thank you for giving me the experience of THE BEST CUSTOMERS ANY STORE EVER HAD for so long!!!

Michael B—life long book addict

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