About Us

Who We Are

books3Petaluma Paperbacks started as Paperbacks Unlimited Inc.’s second store in 1978.1 became a regular customer when we moved to Petaluma in 1980. I was a life-long book addict, and this was a store that worked for me. l would bring in my bag of books, get another bag of books which I hadn’t read yet (hopefully…) and not pay that much for them. That worked very well until 2003, when I heard the owner talking about what sounded like the sale of my favorite bookstore. After some discussion with him, I decided to get my book buying to the next stage – just buy them ALL! We have continued the same policies that served me so well as a customer for all those years, keeping me in books without me having to choose between paying PG&E and getting my next book fix (!). We have been and remain a family owned and operated business specializing in helping every reader find the books they need at affordable prices.

We have a great range of books available, with specialties in Mystery, Romance, Christian Fiction, Bible Study Helps, and Living, Popular Fiction & Best Sellers, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Western, Diet, Self Help, Biography, Literature, Cookbooks, Children’s, and many different types of Non-Fiction books.

We are happy to help locate hard-to-find and out of print books, and to make every effort to get the specific books that our customers request.

Why Petaluma Paperbacks Is the Best Deal on Books

ourpricePetaluma Paperbacks is absolutely the best deal available for people who read (or listen to) a lot of books. Here is how it works for our customers, (and why it makes $o much $en$e to them!).

We begin by pricing almost every book at approximately 1/2 of the publisher’s listed price, so without any other considerations, ringing up ten mass market paperbacks with a cover price of $99.9 each would cost $108.90 with tax; the same books at our price would be $54.50 with tax. Now, if you add a trade in credit to that (See Trading: How it Works) a customer could use a maximum of $35.00 in credit toward the $50.00 subtotal, so with the tax on the total added, the same books that would have cost $108.90 at the other bookstore’s cash register would cost our customer only $19.50, and THAT is the best deal in town!