Finding Good Books

What do you do when your favorite author(s) doesn’t/don’t write fast enough?  Take up crocheting? Most of us book addicts can’t find anything that occupies our time and our minds like our books do, so what we do is go looking for “Someone who writes like Fill In The Blank”.  As a used bookstore owner serving people who read like I do (read alla time!) I am very often pointed in new directions or introduced to new authors by customers.

I have recently discovered which has a huge community of readers contributing (which also means that you can get possibly too many opinions…leading to things like one book showing up on “Worst Books of All Time” ,<#1>;  Best Young Adult Books, <#2>; and, “What To Read Next” <#1>. )  I find this site interesting in seeing how people review and rate books and authors, but I don’t find it as useful for finding “Someone who writes like Fill In The Blank”, as just Googling a query based on any author.

What it really comes down to for me is usually going through shelves and racks looking at books, reading the synopsis and  looking at the publisher; Looking for any mention of awards or recognition, like “Edgar” (mystery/suspense), “Nebula or Norton” (Sci-Fi/Fantasy), “RITA or Golden Heart” (Romance), “Spurs” (Western), etc; and, reading a portion of the book. is a good place to find these lists and others.

I definitely want to hear and read your reviews of the books you are reading or have read. Please send them to

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