Where Do Things Go When They Disappear?

The standard old answer to this question was “Magicians never tell…” and I can tell you, that neither do domain hosting services or their servers… The point of this is that our store website totally disappeared sometime this year, and getting it restored has been an unwelcome but necessary education for me. One of the very important things I learned (which saved the day and the website) was that there is an archive which has snapshots of every active URL which can be accessed and used (as it was in our case) to rebuild a defunct or disappeared website. And, as you can see WE ARE BACK! The only reason that I can say that is because Dave Weidlich, owner of Advanced Dry Carpet Care and pastor of The Vine Church, Petaluma took pity on me and sat me down long enough to recreate the website and fix some of the existing flaws. One of the results of this experience is that I have made a commitment to posting new material here every week now as long as I can give up reading (!!) long enough to think through what I will be posting.

Thank you for visiting!


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